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The Bowen Therapy treatment itself is a culmination of moves which may be done on directly on the skin or through lightweight clothing. The focus of the technique works on the unique structure of the body called fascia. Fascia is the connective tissue fibres.

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Ear Candling

This is an ancient American - Indian tradition where specially designed candles are gently inserted into the ear canal. The heat from the candle may gently draw fluid and built up wax and other material from within the ear. The result is a wonderfully “clean” and light feeling within the ears.

Ear candling may be of benefit for those suffering from sinus irritation, headaches and congestion, or experiencing problems associated with wearing hearing aids or head sets. It may help to relieve itchiness, help ears pressurise especially after air travel, help clear sinuses, help clear nasal passages, help relieve swimmer’s ear, and may reduce stress and tension.

Christine uses ear candles made in Auckland which comprise of cotton and bees wax.

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