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The Bowen Therapy treatment itself is a culmination of moves which may be done on directly on the skin or through lightweight clothing. The focus of the technique works on the unique structure of the body called fascia. Fascia is the connective tissue fibres.

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Christine Bull - Natural Health Practitioner
Natural Therapy Clinic Kapiti

Discovering Bowen Therapy

Having been brought up in a medical family, and being a Registered Nurse myself, I knew very little about Natural Health. That all changed back in 1999 when I discovered the magic of Bowen with my, then, four year old daughter who had been suffering with recurrent ear infections and tonsillitis. Following a series of four Bowen treatments she was no longer tired and lethargic, her sleep improved beyond all measure, and she returned to being a bouncy bubbly energetic child – something that had been missing for a couple of years. And she still has her tonsils today! It was then my turn. The chronic lower back niggle that had been with me for several years disappeared, the seasonal hay fever that I dreaded each year was no longer troublesome, and the increase in energy was very welcome! 

Learning Bowen Therapy

The opportunity to learn this amazing modality came simply because I made a passing comment to the practitioner. I like to consider myself a Millennium Bowen Baby as my learning of Bowtech Bowen Therapy began in July 2000 with Pauline Senior. The learning continues – every client who comes to my clinic is an opportunity for me to discover how a body can respond to this treatment. 

My Bowen Clinic

In June 2008, I was offered another wonderful opportunity. Pauline was leaving the district and needed to sell her business – would I be interested? What an honour! Pauline’s clients became my clients, and I became a business owner. My passion for natural health began to develop further. 

The clinic had a colon hydrotherapy machine, so I was trained to administer colonics, and this is becoming an increasingly popular treatment. I also completed a course in relaxation massage with the Naturopathic College of New Zealand in 2009 and a Certificate in Homeobotanicals in 2012.

In May 2018 I became a Bowtech Bowen Therapy Instructor myself. It’s great to be able to share my passion with others.

In May 2018, 10 years after beginning my business ownership journey, I relocated my clinic closer to Paraparaumu Township. You’ll now find me in my (very) green clinic on Kapiti Road.

Bowen Therapy New Zealand Executive Committee

I am the Secretary of the NZ Bowen Association and I am constantly amazed at the level of professional dedication of all the Bowen Therapists I have met.

Registered Membership

Registered Professional member of Bowen Therapy New Zealand since 2005

Registered Instructor with Bowen Instructors New Zealand Group

The Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia.


I look forward to welcoming you soon at my clinic.


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PLEASE NOTE:  BOWEN THERAPY is a COMPLIMENTARY treatment.  The content of this web site, including text, graphics, images, information obtained from contributors and all other content, is offered on an informational basis only.  No content is intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. You should always seek the advice and guidance of a qualified doctor.

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